“Answers to Your Questions About Minute Taking Made Easy Training”

Professional training via the Minute Taking Made Easy programs helps eliminate stress, save time and ensure accuracy. You have the choice of experiencing the Minute Taking Made Easy training in Public Workshops, In-House Training or Online formats

Here are some of the most common questions that people ask about the training answered personally by Rhonda.

Expertise equals experience and experience equals expertise.

One of the first questions people as is

“What makes you “the expert” in this field?”

My answer to this is straightforward. You’ve probably noticed that there is virtually no other Minute Taking training out there. Any of the other training you might find is typically offered by someone who isn’t in an administrative position. They may be a lawyer, a consultant, a parliamentarian but they haven’t been in the admin role. They probably understand meeting protocol very well AND they don’t understand how to TAKE Minutes. That is where I excel. I was an administrative professional for a senior VP of the company I worked for. I was “thrown into the lion’s den” (much the same way many of you likely were), with no training, no experience, and no idea what to do. I was terrified. Fortunately, I did figure out what is required and I have been teaching Minute Taking Made Easy to thousands of people in Canada and the United States since 1998. I have thousands of graduates (and fans) of my program. I also know meeting protocol, and how it applies to you, but more importantly, I know how to focus on what needs to be in the final document, and how to ensure it gets there! I make it easy to do, easy to understand, and easy to let go of the fear associated with taking Minutes. You can learn more about me and my experience by visiting the “About Rhonda ” section of this website.

Q: Will taking your training and being certified really help me?

A: No matter WHY you’re considering the training, when you are in an admin position, it will help you. You’ll know for sure that you’re following the correct format and procedures for taking minutes and if you’re not yet in an admin position this can help you advance your career or get a promotion. I offer several different training formats to fit your learning style.

Q: I don’t take shorthand, will I need to?

A: No, as a matter of fact, most people don’t take shorthand anymore (and you can’t even find a course to teach you if you wanted to). The method that I share does not require shorthand to take notes. You’ll be amazed at how easy it can be!

Q: My meetings are very formal, will this help me?

A: Yes. We base this entire program on the “Robert’s Rules of Order” and address motions, voting, elected officials, minutes approvals and legalities. This course will certainly help you so you know exactly what your roles are in the meeting and how to create a document that will stand the test of time. You will find an overview of what the Minute Taking Made Easy training includes on the homepage of this website.

Q: My meetings are very casual – do I need this program?

A: Yes. Even for the most casual of meetings, if minutes are required, you need to know what is needed and what isn’t needed in the document. I will show you exactly what you need to document and what you don’t and how to create a final product that everyone who is part of your committee can benefit from. You can also choose from Public Workshops, In-House Workshops and On-line training.

Q: If I have questions, can you help me afterwards?

A: Yes, everyone who attends any of my Minute Taking Made Easy programs have a full year of no-cost, no-obligation support with me. You can even forward me a copy of your minutes, and I will go through and give you feedback, and edit them for you (so you know exactly what I meant and how it applies to you). You’ll also receive interactive attention and have access to the materials to review when you take the training online .

Q: I have been taking Minutes for 30 years, why would I need your program?

A: Because like virtually everything else in the office, things have changed. The rules that applied 30 years ago do not apply now. We keep our program current with the latest technologies as well as the current practices (including business-writing techniques) so that you are doing what is required now. I can promise you that if your minutes have looked the same for 30 years, you aren’t doing them properly. We can even arrange to come to your place of work for in-house training for your entire team.

Q: I have never taken minutes before, should I get some experience before I sign up?

A: Taking one of our programs will ensure that your first experience isn’t your last! Sign up before you take your first set minutes so that you have some confidence in knowing you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. So many people are terrified of taking minutes, and you don’t need to be one of them. Be sure to check out our public workshop listings to find out when I’ll be in a city near you.