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Minute Taking Made Easy training is available online for your convenience. This allows you to choose your own schedule and learn at your leisure. The online options provide the same power-packed training to save you time, eliminate stress and equip you with professional minute taking skills. All for just $295US.


Rhonda has some wonderful insights and tips for minute taking. I’ve been taking minutes since 2006 and learned some very valuable information. She stays current with the trends and best practices and incorporates this in a fun and interactive way.

Thank you so much! This will benefit me both in my job as well as my many volunteer activities (I always end up taking minutes somewhere). Also, I purchased 3 of her books that she had on sale and can’t wait to jump into those. Life is just a big learning process and it’s nice to know who to do go for some of those administrative questions we all have.

~ Terry Lynn Jones, FLMI, ACS
    Medavie Blue Cross

This morning I completed the last module of the ‘Minute Taking Made Easy’ on-line course. It feels great to be even more empowered in my minute taking role. I have been taking minutes for nearly ten years and only wish I had taken the course sooner – it has been a tremendous help. Onward I go to more efficient and less stressful minutes!

~Patricia Nichols

I am currently taking your “Minute Taking Made Easy Online course”
I am almost done module 3..
And, I must say, you are so right!! I LOVE this course!!!!
I was so scared of writing minutes.. but now, I feel more confident with the minutes..
And you are EXCELLENT!!
I just want to take this course again and again!!!!
Thank you so much!!!!

~Nancy Witt (Canada)

Why, you may ask, do I recommend this specific program?  Rhonda Scharf is by far one of the most exceptional motivational speakers I have ever had the pleasure to know.  She definitely changed my life.  She is fun, educational, and makes minute taking – shall I say – less stressful.  She breaks it down one step at a time in each module.  You go at your own pace practicing the tips and techniques provided in each module which ramps you up to the next module.  When you complete the entire program, you will be excited to try out your new skills and see real improvement.  
I have been taking minutes for the last eight years.  I would say the biggest impact that the workshop had on my minute taking skills is time!  It cut my drafting time in half!  As we all know, time is money.  I am able to focus my attention on bigger projects now that I am spending less time drafting minutes after a meeting.  This more than paid for the investment in this program.   
As far as the other fears I listed above, having more confidence in your abilities is going to help to diminish those fears.  This workshop will absolutely help you to build that confidence.  You will no longer sink in your chair when the Chairman requests approval of the minutes.  You will no longer fear speaking up and saying “can you please clarify that for me”.  You will take pride in knowing that you are a master at this newly enhanced skillset. 
So, what are you waiting for, take the plunge and purchase Minute Taking Made Easy.  You will have Rhonda on your side the entire way, and I personally put my stamp of approval on the product.  Even after the many years I have spent taking minutes, this workshop taught me so much more.  So, now it is your turn to take that step! 
~ Courtney N. Kloehn, Executive Assistant

Your online experience includes:

  • Interactive training with audio and video instruction
  • Comprehensive handouts (which create a manual), support material and specialized assignments to keep you on the right track
  • 6 self-paced modules (ranging from 30-60 minutes in length)
  • One year of coaching with Rhonda to continually sharpen your minute taking skills
  • Certificate of achievement

This online training will give you the skills you need to take minutes like a pro. You can get started with the Minute Taking Made Easy online training by clicking below.